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LaunchPad Analytics

Data Science as a Service

Designed to meet the data science needs of SMEs and early-stage startups, LaunchPad helps you build a more data-driven business without requiring additional hiring.

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Collaborate on data projects

One platform to bring together data engineers, data scientists, analysts, and business users

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Data Catalog

Make your data discoverable wherever it’s stored

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Build reports and dashboards based on predefined business metrics

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Share and collaborate on code notebooks

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Data Provenance

Track the origin and processing of your data for reproducibility and compliance

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Work with us to solve your hardest data problems

Bring your data to bear on tackling the business problems you care about. From getting a better understanding of your operations via advanced analytics, to automating repetitive and labour-intensive tasks, to building machine learning systems that help decrease customer churn, we’ll advise you every step of the way.

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