Quantyr Forge

The platform for collaborative data science

Forge is the data platform that helps you build a data-centric organisation. Self-service analytics tools allow every business user and analyst to access the data they need, whilst collaborating with data scientists and engineers on the same platform.

Designed to cover every stage of the DataOps lifecycle, Forge enables data scientists and engineers to get an unprecendented end-to-end view of their data pipeline. From ingest and enrichment, to training and serving machine learning models.

Forge is currently in closed alpha

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Data Catalog

Make your data discoverable wherever it’s stored

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Model Hub

Build, deploy, and monitor machine learning models

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Share and collaborate on code notebooks

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Build reports and dashboards based on predefined business metrics

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Data Provenance

Track the origin and processing of your data for reproducibility and compliance

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Workflow Engine

Write fault-tolerant job workflows to build ETL and analytics pipelines

LaunchPad Analytics

Data Science as a Service

Designed to meet the data science needs of SMEs and early-stage startups, LaunchPad helps you build a more data-driven business without requiring additional hiring.

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Building a data-driven culture

Forge encourages users and teams to share and collaborate on their data, fostering an agile approach that allows for rapid iteration and experimentation.

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